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The number male sterilizations carried out has been on the rise for some years now. Meanwhile, there are now urologists who have specialized in this field in most of the bigger sized cities.
In the Vasectomy Centre Berlin you can have extensive medical consultations on this topic. To this end, all you need do is arrange an appointment for a personal medical consult and preliminary information meeting. This is where you will receive all the required and also detailed information about the operation.
If this form of the contraception would be an option for you, following this appointment, you can agree on a surgery date. The Vasectomy Centre Berlin has its treatment and ORs in the Friedrichshain medical center and these are in compliance with the most up to date medical and technical standards.

On the following pages, we have summarized the most useful information on the topic of "Male sterilization" for you.

Reimar Domnitz, Urologe und Androloge

Their Reimar Domnitz Specialist for urology / Andrology / specialist male physician c.m.i. Head of Vasectomy Centre Berlin

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