Vasectomy – the suitable specialist

How does the patient find a suitable specialist?

The performance of the vasectomy is done exclusively by an urologist (specialist for urology). A vasectomy is part of the service scope with many surgically active urologists. The medical surgery, the outpatient surgical centre or the clinic should be up to a current and internationally valid high standard. It must be guaranteed that the patient will be closely monitored at all times, both medically and personally. Since the subject of vasectomy has in recent years become increasingly important, there are now already Specialists in urology, dedicated to vasectomy as a specialization. There are, in this respect, already specialist clinics and medical centers in some major cities and towns.

What are the costs?

The vasectomy is private and elective medical service and is not covered by legal or private health insurance. The intervention is invoiced according to the tariff system for doctors (GOÄ) as private and elective. Exceptions might include a medical indication (medical need). Including professional and expert aftercare (for example, Spermiogram controls) the cost is approx. 500 euros.

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