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Effects of the vasectomy

Are there long-term effects on a man by the vasectomy?

Apart from the desired sterility there are no long-term changes in the behavior or the physiology of a man.

Men often have reservations towards vasectomy as they fear the effects on their masculinity or their behavior. A vasectomy has no effects on the voice pitch of a man. In the same manner, it has no effect on the production of the male hormones or on beard growth.

At the same time, there are no effects on sexual desire or the overall sexual constitution and potency of a man. The vas deferens that are being severed merely have the function to transport the sperms to the sperm liquid. The transport path of the sperms is interrupted by the separation of the vas deferens within the scope of the vasectomy. This ensures the desired sterility.

The sperms do not reach in the sperm liquid and are absorbed in the body of the man. Should you have a microscope beside your bed to examine your sperm liquid, you will not be able to identify any difference in your ejaculated semen. The ejaculated semen will maintain its (fluctuating) quantity or state - merely the sperms will be absent following the vasectomy.

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