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Vasectomy - a safe contraception method

Vasectomy has recorded a success rate of over 99%, making it one of the safest forms of contraception. However, one should be aware that the complete disruption of the flow of sperm does not occur immediately.

Shortly after the vasectomy procedure was performed, you can resume your normal sexual activity again. Approx. three days after the vasectomy has typically been the case.

However, you should note that the first time after making the vasectomy, fertilization of the female egg is still possible. This has to do with the fact that the sperm head still contains sperm remnants and sperm fluid. Thus even after the vasectomy sufficient sperm is present, which can lead to pregnancy.

20 ejaculations after vasectomy are approximately necessary in order to remove the remaining residual sperm in the vas deferens. This means that the full sterility of males as a result of vasectomy will only become effective after a certain period. During this time, regular traditional contraception is necessary. This is the only way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

After approximately 6 weeks, a sperm analysis (spermiogram) is performed. This test analyzes the remaining stock and performs a sperm count. A further test is carried out about 8 weeks after the vasectomy. This will then confirm the definitive sterility of the male, and hence the success of the vasectomy.

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