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Simple, fast and as an outpatient

Vasectomy is used by many men as an option of permanent contraception.

There are several arguments in favor of vasectomy as a sure and safe contraception option.

The overall perception remains unchanged after the vasectomy. Accordingly, the erection ability and the potency are not affected by the vasectomy. Also the ejaculation behavior is the same as before the vasectomy. Even the ejaculate of a man remains equal in terms of quantity, consistency, odor, etc. In contrast to the situation before the vasectomy no sperms will be present afterwards in the ejaculated semen. Though the sperms will continue to be produced in the testicles, these are, however, reabsorbed by the body.

Quick, safe and reliable

Several weighty arguments in favor of a vasectomy can be summarized in three simple words:
Standard surgical intervention.

Specialists in the vasectomy field of medicine have of major expert knowledge when it comes to performing a vasectomy. Usually under local anesthesia, the vasectomy is performed in an outpatient clinic. After few days of rest at home, you are ready to resume your regular life again.

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